About Us

About Plusmarin®

Plusmarin® is an affiliated brand of Crea Sol Investment S.L.® that has been established in March 2018 in Malaga. Plusmarin markets and delivers high tech, safe and uniquely designed marine equipment to its customers with exceptional services through its world-class suppliers, team, and a flight of capabilities.

30 years+

A flight of Capabilities

Having had 30 years + hands-on experience in different industries, the management team also has an inherent ability of looking at a product or a supplier through the eyes of retailors and customers. The suppliers and products they represent are best-in-class or a strong challenger that have pride and passionate love for what they do.

High quality

How we select our Suppliers

Being a Crea Sol affiliated brand, Plusmarin will only sell high quality products either with a specific competitive advantage or a passion that is noticeably reflected to the quality of the product itself.
Plusmarin is committed to working only with suppliers who have pride and passionate love for their products and a genuine promise to give the customers.


Pride and passionate love

Being passionate blue water sailors, our partners are committed to present only the best quality products, which have been uniquely designed for the pleasures of marine life.

Our products

Unique manufacturing technology

Carbon Passarella


Carbon gangways/passarellas are exceptionally light and simple to use, the ergonomic structure and sleek, ultra-slim design make single-handed operation possible. Their foldable design makes them compact and easy to stow.

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A beautiful way to keep everyone a little happier

Marine Decorative Collection 2021


When guests come to visit, our 2021 collection is a beautiful way to keep everyone a little happier! Have a look at the selection of in-door, out-door pillows, towels, and other items.

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Nautical gifts

New collections on the way


Who doesn’t like nautical gifts…? Keychains, ashtrays, and many more to come…

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